KID INTERVENTION meets adolescents and adults “where they are”, and doesn’t try to stop the unwanted or bad behavior(s), rather our aim is to replace it with more desirable and better thought out ways of communicating and addressing situations.


KID INTERVENTION works to uncover the root of the unwanted behavior, formulate a plan and implement strategies to overcome the obstacles of everyday life. Our goal is to jump start or restore the values that have seemingly not been passed on or simply forgotten.


At KID INTERVENTIONa major part of the process is the individuals’ Support System. It is proven that the clients’ continuing success is greatly improved when the members of the support system also gain additional knowledge and skills.



Choices and Consequences

Red Davis, the founder of KIDINTERVENTION and creator of the intervention presentation, Choices and Consequences, is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, with a 17-year history of working with at-risk individuals. The lessons learned while growing up in South Central Los Angeles, his diverse Law Enforcement experience and college education (in Developmental Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse) give him the ability to work with individuals on many levels and from all walks of life.

He was the facilitator and M.C. of the former Life of Crime presentation which was honored with the Channel 8newsnow “Acts of Kindness” Award in 2014.

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While guest speaking at The Cowan Sunset High School’s 10th Annual “Be The Example” Conference, Channel 8newsnow graciously came out and interviewed Red during that event.

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Choices and Consequences IS NOT a Scared Straight Program, IT IS an educational presentation.
The story based on the concept of “CHOICE”… was designed to educate juveniles, adults, and their support systems (parents, guardians, siblings, spouses…) on the realities of what happens due to repeatedly making bad life changing choices. The emphasis is on drug use, criminal activity and the behaviors that are always present.

This is a proven production, with an award-winning seven-year history.


Both the Individualized Behavior Replacement of KID INTERVENTION and the presentation “Choices and Consequences” are geared for ages 12 and older.


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